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4 more remote camps
Photo by Kirk Anderson / Idaho Stock Images; written by Steve Casimiro and Peter Fish

4 more remote camps

• Hot days on the river lead inevitably to golden evenings with a fly rod on the water’s edge. When you cast along Idaho’s East Fork Salmon River (pictured; bit.ly/ik8P0g), you’re tying into timeless Hemingway country. East Fork Campground, $10; on.doi.gov/eSJCiE  

• Pick your passion: In Wild Rivers Recreation Area, 45 minutes from Taos, New Mexico (bit.ly/bkhlkO), the Rio Grande and Red River boast paddling, mountain biking, hiking, angling, camping, birdwatching … whew! Camping from $5.

• Rekindle the romance of exploration at Canyons of the Ancients National Monument (bit.ly/frsaax). This south-western Colorado preserve has more than 6,000 archaeological sites, from dwellings to art—few of them marked. McPhee Reservoir Campground; $15; 1.usa.gov/gkQxrp

• Swimming, rafting, and paddling are elements of a perfect summer’s day, and no waterway offers more splashing fun than Oregon’s Rogue River, one of the country’s first designated “wild and scenic” rivers (bit.ly/hHhoha). Indian Mary Camp­ground; $19; bit.ly/ghq61d  


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