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Whether you are looking to start your career, put down roots, or relax, we have the a spot for you. Find your best place to –

The West's best places to live

Entrepreneur? Artist? Raising a family? Behold: the West's best spots to suit your lifestyle

Best places to live
Photo by Gabriele Galimberti / Anzenberge / Redux; written by Mike Grudowski

Places to make you happy

Disneyland bills itself as the happiest place on Earth, and that may well be true for some people (particularly those under 12). For the rest of us, however, the happiest place is where we can find the things that matter to us most, where we can live the way we want to live. Is it your dream to start your own business? Here’s where you’ve got the best shot. Looking for a safe place to raise your kids? Look no further. Want to ditch your car, grow your own food, or get off the grid? Check, check, and check. Just crave a place where you can eat and drink and never gain weight? We’ve got the first two covered anyway. So depending on what makes you smile, here are the 10 best places to live (and find happiness) in the wondrous amusement park of the American West.


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