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49 best camping gear products

Glamp it up! Elevate your camp experience with the comforts of home

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More great camp cooking gear
Photo by Jeffery Cross

More great camp cooking gear

  • Coleman Party Stacker Cooler. Keep like foods with like foods with a couple of these stacking coolers. Ideal for the organized camp cook. Three sizes, $18–$25;
  • REI Double Shot Press Mug. Join an insulated mug with a built-in plunger and―voilà!―it’s a French press. $29;
  • Jetboil Personal Cooking System. This ultracompact and fuel-efficient unit is hot and fast―it boils two cups of water in two minutes. $100;
  • Freeplay Energy Indigo Lantern. It’s an area light, flashlight-style directional light, and―with the flip of the dimmer switch―a night-light, all in one. Bonus: The crank handle’s fun to play with. $42;


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