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Cook like a pro

Cook like a pro

With gear like this, you’ll want to be the first one up in camp.

  • Soft-sided coolers. The Folding Coolers chill almost as well as the old Coleman, but collapse for easy storage. From $46;
  • Quick-setup workstand. REI’s Camp Kitchen snaps together in minutes, with space for cooking and storing. $149;
  • Stove with firepower. The Primus Firehole 100 has 2 powerful burners, match-free ignition, and an easy-clean design. $139;
  • Quick-boil kettle. Tea lovers can get to steeping quickly with a fast-boil, ultralight Halulite tea kettle. $23;
  • No-space bowl. Collapsible bowls squish for easy transport. $20/set of 3;
  • Quality knife & board. The Chopping Board Set’s chef’s knife nestles into a cutting-board case with no-slip corners. From $40;
  • Handy extras. Forest tea towel (on table; $28;; 12-in. seasoned cast-iron skillet ($37;; Hanna tea towel (on shelf; $24;; 8D Retro Family-Size Lantern (see previous slide).


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