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 Book-It Repertory Theatre in Seattle brings books to life

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Sunset: You are wrapping up your 15th anniversary with two very different, very powerful, and, could we say, highly ambitious projects?

Jones: Cervantes wrote Don Quixote 400 years ago. Anniversaries seem like a good time to tackle great classics. Louisa May Alcott's Little Women is another kind of classic. There's a movement afoot to bring back the narrative voice when presenting stories. Audiences are hungry for a story well told in the old-fashioned way. These are stories with a strong narrative voice.

Sunset: When you leave Book-It, if you ever do, what do you want to be remembered for?

Platt: As there are different forms of music and visual arts, there are different forms of theater. I hope we have pioneered a new art form.

INFO: Book-It (www.book-it.org or 206/216-0833) will stage Don Quixote Sep 22-Oct 16 and Little Women (Part 1) Dec 1-23 at the Center House Theatre (305 Harrison St.; 206/684-7200).



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