Wild nature

Paul Carter
Get pampered at a new Oregon coast resort

WildSpring Guest Habitat. It's a name that conjures up lovely things like water and a memorable natural setting, and a place as comfortable as home. This mini resort that opened last July in Port Orford, on the southern Oregon coast delivers on both counts.

The five shingled guest cottages scattered about the woods are rustic outside and elegantly furnished inside. Such touches as candles, a wood-burning stove, and a CD player with calming music further promote relaxation. As for the water, there's a view of the Pacific Ocean from the breakfast hall and the slate spa tub, both shared with other guests. Hosts Michelle and Dean Duarte stay behind the scenes; a full continental breakfast magically appears in the morning in the common building, a short stroll from the cottages. Later, dine at nearby Port Orford Breadworks, whose name and decor don't quite do justice to the homemade Italian entrées. Some guests schedule their trip to Port Orford around the availability of the restaurant's osso buco. — B.H.

Retreat to the sea

WildSpring Guest Habitat (from $155; www.wildspring.com or 866/333-9453); Port Orford Breadworks ($$; closed Sun–Mon; 541/332-4022)


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