Walla Walla's neighbor, Waitsburg, is worth a visit

Amanda Koster
Head 20 miles east for green hills and dining surprises

In an area famous for wine and food, Waitsburg ― just 20 miles east of Walla Walla, Washington ― harbors a few surprises of its own. This month, green hills lined with wheat, peas, and barley frame Main Street, which is livelier than ever.

The Whoopemup Hollow Café opened last May but is already one of the region's most popular restaurants. Settle into a booth to enjoy Southern comfort food, including Aunt Luella's Coca-Cola Cake.

Info: From State 12, turn left on Preston Ave. (State 124), then right on Main St. The Lyons Den (110 Preston; 509/337-6420); Whoopemup Hollow Café (120 Main; 509/337-9000)

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