View from the shore

Get a cool perspective on Edmonds from the water's edge

Pointing to the fishing pier from his bait shack on the Edmonds waterfront, Bud Christensen can hardly contain his enthusiasm. "Building that is one of the best things the state of Washington ever did! And I'll tell ya, when the salmon are running, there can be 100 people out there ― pullin' 'em in too!"

Christensen is onto a well-kept secret: The waterfront is the best place to enjoy the ever-more-interesting town of Edmonds.

Though historically it has served primarily as a launching point for ferrygoers en route to Kingston, Edmonds has recently become a destination in its own right, thanks to dozens of new shops and good restaurants. If you're in a beachy mood, try Anthony's Beach Cafe, where outdoor tables give you a view of the pier and ships passing through the Sound. Come sunset, there's no better place to be ― except, perhaps, out on the pier itself.

Info: To reach the pier, turn south at the ferry terminal on Railroad Avenue and continue for about a half-mile to Dayton Street.

Anthony's Beach Cafe ($$; 456 Admiral Way; 425/771-4400) serves lunch and dinner daily. Visit for more information on the area.

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