The weekend tab

Three days of fun without breaking the bank
Day 1

Pearl Bakery coffees and sweets $6.50

Pearl District browsing FREE

Discount drinks at Vault Martini $9

Pho Van Bistro dinner $26.75

McMenamins Ram's Head nightcap $9.20

Day 2
Fuller's Coffee Shop breakfast $19.50

Oregon Holocaust Memorial FREE

Japanese Garden $16

Moonstruck Chocolate Café and Tea Chai Té $8

Exploring N.W. 23rd Ave. FREE

Vivace crêpes and sodas $19.65

Papa Haydn desserts $17

Day 3
Jog and a view of the city from Waterfront Park loop FREE

Brunch at Bijou Cafe $25.40

Portland Classical Chinese Garden $14

Tea for two at Tower of Cosmic Reflections $12

Total $409.13

Portland for less

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