The bare truth

A photographer helps mothers embrace pregnancy

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Photograph a special time
Here are Jennifer Loomis's tips on how to capture your pregnancy, month by month.

  • Keep the backdrop consistent for every photo. This will make monthly comparisons easier.
  • Use indirect light. Direct light is unflattering.
  • Go with black-and-white film. Color film shows too many imperfections. The point is to show the shape of your body, not the details.
  • Stand, don't sit. If you sit, you'll look scrunched.
  • Bare only what you feel comfortable showing. Nudity is not required. You can wear tight clothes or an open sweater. And you can crop the frame under the belly.
  • Don't skimp on film. Shoot an entire roll, not just one photo. Odds are you'll get something you like if you take multiple shots.
  • Experiment. Incorporate something that means something to you that month: a smell that drives you crazy, a color that speaks to you.
  • Take notes. Write down when each photo was taken. You may think you'll remember, but you won't.



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