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A photographer helps mothers embrace pregnancy

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  • Jennifer Loomis works all angles when photographing her subjects: women who are usually in their third trimester of pregnancy.

    Jennifer Loomis

    John Granen

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Though she has not yet had any children (she's hoping to rein in her travels and start a family soon with her boyfriend, Patrick), her compassion makes her an expert on the physical and emotional side effects of pregnancy. "I talk to my moms about how it feels to be pregnant. I tell my mothers they don't have to be on their best behavior," she says, emphasizing that it's okay for mothers to feel scared or sad.

"Just this morning, I photographed a woman who'd been on bed rest for 28 weeks," Loomis says. "She could only stand for three minutes at a time. So we talked about that." Just as she talked with the woman who'd had seven miscarriages. And the one whose partner was with her for five years and then left her the day he found out she was pregnant.

Samantha Muse, a Bellevue mother of two who had Loomis photograph both pregnancies, says, "Jen is able to help you admit a certain response you didn't know you had in you." Muse brought several outfits to the first shoot but then ended up thinking, Why bother? Now, she says, her favorite photo is a silhouette of herself 37 weeks into her second pregnancy, fully naked.

"I went through seven years of infertility, so it was such a joyous time," Muse says. "Jen captured the beauty of being pregnant."

INFO: See Jennifer Loomis's newest work May 7-Aug 7 at Gracewinds Perinatal Center (1421 N.W. 70th St.; 206/781-9871). Her work can also be seen at various locations in Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, Issaquah, and Tacoma, and on her website ( Photo shoots start at $400; call 206/329-4772 for details.



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