Sunrise service

Brett Wilhelm
Organic dining and a spa shine in Boulder's newest hotel

Dawn wake-up calls have their own reward at Boulder's St Julien Hotel: South-facing rooms catch the sunrise reflected on the rust-colored ramparts of Colorado's Flatiron Mountains.

The first luxury hotel to open downtown since the Boulderado in 1909, the 201-room St Julien is strategically located a block away from the lively Pearl Street Mall. The inviting lobby is contemporary but subdued, to highlight the expansive mountain views. A full-service spa brings in the Colorado outdoors with a dry massage using piñon powder.



Jill's Restaurant ($$$; breakfast, lunch, dinner daily) emphasizes organic and regional products in fare that ranges from a smoked salmon pizza to hand-rolled gnocchi with heirloom tomatoes.

INFO: St Julien Hotel & Spa (from $172; 900 Walnut St., Boulder; www. or 877/303-0900) is a one-hour drive from Denver International Airport.

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