Spokane day trip details: Davenport District

David Fenton
See the gems of eastern Washington's big city

Why go: The Davenport District's galleries and restored art deco gems have made it a wonderful indoor town.

Sculpture that says Spokane: Bronze-cast runners whip around the corner of Post Street and Spokane Falls Boulevard in The Joy of Running Together, a tribute to the Lilac Bloomsday Run, one of the country's largest footraces.

Functional art: Benches made from scrap metal and recycled steam-plant hardware work well as resting spots or conversation starters.

Dress code: Little black dress for the symphony; fleece and boots everywhere else.

Winter ways: Snow is common in February, so duck into the covered walkways that link downtown buildings.

Join the locals: First Fridays means an after-hours party and selfguided tour of galleries and boutiques (next dates Feb 6 and Mar 6; downtownspokane.net or 509/456-0580).

First Fridays' best stop: Barrister Winery (free tastings Fri, Sat, or by appointment; 1213 W. Railroad Ave.; 509/465-3591), where you can sip wine crafted by two Spokane attorneys.

Our favorite detail: The peacock stained glass on the cocktaillounge ceiling. From $169; 10 S. Post St.; thedavenporthotel. com or 800/899-1482.

Take it home: At Finders Keepers, you'll stumble across beautifully preserved vintage clothing (like a '40s-style slinky white gown worthy of Rita Hayworth) and art deco and Victorian jewelry. 112 S. Cedar St.; 509/838-4590.

More art in and around Spokane

Riverfront Park

Try to find all 20 outdoor sculptures scattered throughout the Riverfront Park area (it's easier with a brochure from spokanearts.org). You'll see everything from local artist Ken Spiering's 12-foot-high replica of a Radio Flyer wagon to a Sherman Alexie poem engraved in a granite spiral. Parking from $2 per hour; 507 N. Howard St.; spokaneriverfrontpark.com or 509/625-6600.

Mission Avenue

There's nothing subtle about the collection of yard and home art at Ruby Street Antiques. Swing by if a life-size lion, horse, or mermaid is just what your patio needs, or to check out the gargoyles and Grecian columns. 104 E. Mission Ave.; northwestruins.com or 509/624-0319.

Coeur d'Alene, ID

At the Leather Works (31 miles from Spokane, and no, it's not that kind of store), a husbandand- wife team stitches buttery soft leather wallets, bags, and jackets on-site. The smell will make you want to stay forever. Closed Sun; 215 E. Sherman Ave.; 208/676-0818.

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Linda Hagen Miller | From the February 2009 Issue

Inside An artsy day in eastern Washington's big city
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