Seattle style

From '70s chic to Northwest outdoors, these clothing shops have got you covered

Whether you're browsing or buying, it's fun to poke around these new and used clothing stores. Repositories of Seattle's four quintessential "looks," shopping them is an urban adventure.

'70s CHIC
With styles from the past 100 years, Red Light Vintage Clothing feeds into every disco diva/hippie freak/folksinger fantasy by offering cool threads and an Afro wig the size of a 1972 Volkswagen Bug. 4560 University Way NE, (206) 545-4044; and 312 Broadway Ave. E, or (206) 329-2200.

Items at Crossroads Trading are well organized by color and style, and this isn't your everyday thrift store―you'll have to search elsewhere for acid-washed jean skirts or icky pilled-acrylic sweaters. 325 Broadway, or (206) 328-5867.

Chubby & Tubby is the authentic source for the logging/fishing look, from hip waders to stocking caps. 7906 Aurora Ave. N, (206) 524-1810; and 3333 Rainier Ave. S, (206) 723-8800.

The flagship store of REI has enough fleece and Gore-Tex to outfit every Eskimo in Alaska and then some. 222 Yale Ave. N, or (206) 223-1944.

The tiny tops, punky hair dye, and funky denim at Retro Viva will give license to your daring side. 215 Broadway, (206) 328-7451; and 4536 University Way NE, (206) 632-8886.

At the Metro Clothing Co., there are enough platform boots in every conceivable material (faux fur, holograph plastic, patent leather, reptile skin) to properly outfit an army of drag queens―or very dangerous women. 231 Broadway, or (206) 726-7978.

The Chinese silk robes and Greta Garbo sunglasses at Le Frockwill make you contemplate quitting your job in favor of lounging by a pool while drinking champagne cocktails. 317 E. Pine St., or (206) 623-5339.

The owners of Pretty Parlor have cultivated a knack for picking smart dresses and sharp suits that would do Lucy and Desi proud. 6729 Greenwood Ave. N, (206) 297-9115.

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