Seattle lookouts

Five great places to view the city

Belvedere Viewpoint. A pullout on the east side of Admiral Way delivers a panorama of Seattle's sparkling skyline and industrial viscera along the Duwamish Waterway. The city park on Admiral's west side offers shade and slices of the view. On S.W. Admiral Way at S.W. Olga St., West Seattle.

Kerry Park. This Queen Anne Hill park is barely a block long and 40 feet wide, but it draws crowds for picnics, sketching, and wedding photos. It's the one viewpoint that lines up the Space Needle, downtown skyline, and Mt. Rainier. Bring a telephoto lens and stay for sundown. Second Ave. W. at Highland Dr.

Magnolia Boulevard West. Between madrona trees on the bluff are views to the southwest of Seattle, Mt. Rainier, Bainbridge Island, and Puget Sound boat traffic. Bonus vista: Some of the city's best gardens are on the street's northeast side. Between 1500 and 2000 Magnolia Blvd. W.

Washington Memorial Bridge. The raised sidewalk on the east side of this bridge (known as the Aurora Bridge), 167 feet over the Washington Ship Canal, offers dizzying views of Lake Union marinas, houseboats, and the downtown skyline. Park on Bridge Way N. at Aurora Ave. and walk to the bridge.

Water tower, Volunteer Park. Climb 106 indoor steps to the observation room of this historic 1906 Capitol Hill water bucket at the south end of the park, and see the entire city and its surrounding waters and mountains ― through wire screens in the windows, unfortunately. 15th Ave. E. at Prospect St. ― Lawrence Cheek

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