Nursery day trip: North Portland

Jon Jensen
A Northwest garden weekend

Why go now: The North Portland urban homesteading season starts this month: Baby chicks are in, seed racks are up, garden workshops are starting.

Main drag: North Mississippi Avenue

Best place for plant lovers: Pistils Nursery (pictured), the neighborhood’s go-to spot for chickens, ornamental plants, beehives, terrariums, and garden design.

Or planet lovers: You can find curbed streetside planters that hold roof runoff (until it infiltrates the water table) in front of the ReBuilding Center of Our United Villages (3625 N. Mississippi Ave.; 503/331-1877) and the Blue Gardenia Bakery & Coffee Roasters (3747 N. Mississippi Ave.; 503/460-2583).

Sugar fix: Flavour Spot ($; N. Mississippi Ave. at N. Fremont St.; 503/282-9866) is famous for its scrumptious Dutch tacos (waffle sandwiches).

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