Olympic moment

Learn to jump, glide, and ski like a pro in Park City, Utah

Flying off a nordic ski jump at the Utah Olympic Park in Park City brings home one of life's truisms: Before you take off, learn to land. This winter, classes at one of the world's most elite sports facilities have been expanded for beginners who want to learn how to catch big air or improve other snow-sport skills.

Nordic ski-jumping classes ($65) start on a 5-meter jump and end with flights of up to 40 meters. The slope-style clinic ($65) teaches the moves needed to ride the rails and jumps in terrain parks. Thrill seekers can try the luge ($150), riding down the Olympic track on a high-tech sled, but the biggest rush is the skeleton ($150): After training, you get three runs down the twisting, icy track at speeds of up to 60 mph ― head first.


Classes run through Mar at Utah Olympic Park (9-6 daily; $8; 3000 Bear Hollow Dr., Park City, UT; www.olyparks.com or 866/659-7275).

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