Learning to live small

Pearl District residents share their best tips on living small

Life in the Pearl

Moving to the Pearl often means accepting less space. We asked Pearl District residents Jeff Alden (whose condo is shown at right), Clair Callaway, Becky Porter, and Shaun Sjostrom for their best tips on living small.

Don't cram. "The fastest way for a small place to look even smaller is to fill it to capacity," Callaway says.

Take advantage of storage professionals. "Our best investment was the custom closets we had installed before we unpacked. We're able to use our storage to the max," says Sjostrom.

Avoid overusing rugs. "Rugs define spaces and create warmth, but they also close down a room," Alden explains. He suggests balancing warmth and openness.

Hide stuff that you are not using. A wall unit in Porter and Sjostrom's condo attractively conceals a Murphy bed and a 6-foot work surface.

Have a one-piece-in, one-piece-out rule. "Anytime we buy something new," Porter says, "something else has to go, so we buy only stuff that we really love."

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