Laze a day away on Clinton Street

Offbeat shopping and standout dining in Portland's leafy neighborhood

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Q is For Choir in Portland

Put away the iPod, if only for an afternoon, and thumb through old albums at Q Is For Choir (owners Anna Schott and Tim Wenzel are at rear).

Rob D. Brodman

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Pedestrians have the right of way along the quiet stretch in southeast Portland, where you'll likely see more people passing on foot or on bike than zooming by in cars.

Browse offbeat shops or linger at a sunny sidewalk table at one of the many standout restaurants clustered on Clinton Street around S.E. 21st and S.E. 26th Avenues.

Here, new and used happily coexist, and the scents of the spice route share airspace with the familiar aromas of American comfort food - and, of course, the sweet smell of spring.



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