Juan de Fuca Strait travel planner

WHERE: State 112 begins 8 miles west of Port Angeles off U.S. 101; look for road signs. From Seattle, take I-5 south to Olympia, then U.S. 101 north to Port Angeles.

DISTANCE: State 112 is 61 miles long and ends near Neah Bay (the road continues to Cape Flattery); plan on a 2- to 3-hour one-way drive, not including stops.

CONTACT: North Olympic Peninsula Visitor & Convention Bureau: (800) 942-4042 or www.olympicpeninsula.org. Breakwater Inn: 15582 State 112; (360) 963-2428. Joyce Cafe: 50530 State 112; (360) 928-1012. Joyce General Store: 50883 State 112; (360) 928-3568. Merrill & Ring Pysht Tree Farm: 11 Pysht River Rd.; (360) 963-2378 or www.merrillring.com.

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