Gorge getaway

Unwind overnight
in Mosier

When Hood River is jammin' with sailboarders, take a breather and spend a night in a B&B in the sweet, slow hamlet of Mosier, Oregon, 5 miles east of Hood River off I-84. Mosier House occupies an exquisitely restored Queen Anne home built by the town's founder in 1904.

While you're here, cool off in the mist from 75-foot Mosier Falls. Then pick up ripe local cherries and a free map of nearby trails at Fairydell Store. Dine at the Wild- Flower Cafe, where the atmosphere is as relaxed as the menu, with dozens of Northwest wines by the glass.

INFO: Mosier House ( from $85; 704 Third Ave., Mosier, OR; www.mosierhouse.com or 541/478-3640); WildFlower Cafe ($$; breakfast, lunch, and dinner Wed-Mon; 904 Second Ave.; 541/478-0111); Fairydell Store (closed Mon; 1104 First Ave.; 541/478-3500) ―Bonnie Henderson

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