Glass queen

Seattle's Bedrock Industries finds new life for broken glass

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  • A pile of Bedrock’s red-and-white pinwheels stacked on a translucent platter makes a festive tabletop decoration

    Bedrocks red-and-white pinwheels

    John Granen

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Easy projects with recycled glass

Decorate a package. With ribbon, tie a glass heart or star ornament from Bedrock Industries or elsewhere onto a boxed gift.

Make a mosaic luminaria. Using kitchen-and-bath silicone, attach pieces of tumbled glass to the sides of a jar, then put a votive candle inside.

Color your birdbath. Pour a 1⁄2-inch layer of colored sand into the bottom of a birdbath, then top it with tumbled glass in another color.

Force fragrant flowers. Fill a cylindrical glass vase with colored pebbles of tumbled glass, sink paperwhite narcissus bulbs halfway into pebbles, add water up to just below the base of the bulbs, and put the vase in a cool, bright window. You'll have fragrant blooms in a few weeks.

"Tile" a backsplash. Install a magnetic steel backsplash behind a sink. Glue magnets on the backs of 2- by 2-inch opaque tiles and arrange (and rearrange) them on the backsplash to suit your mood.

Frame a mirror. Mount a mirror on a piece of wood that is four inches wider than the mirror on all sides. Butter the backs of opaque glass tiles with white mortar and stick them to the wood around the mirror. Use sanded grout in the spaces between the tiles.


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