Get crafty in Portland's Fiber Arts District

These colorful shops may inspire you to make a few gifts this year

Lucy Burningham

Conveniently clustered downtown are six specialty shops known collectively as the Fiber Arts District.

Crafty or not, you'll love discovering bolts of the world's finest fabrics, miles of rolled ribbon, and drawers stuffed with jewel-like beads.


Take the MAX Light Rail system or the downtown streetcar (from $1.75; 503/238-7433) to avoid the hassle of city parking.


Fabric in the City Such gorgeous quilts, you'll want to go home and sew a few of your own. Find ribbon-tied packets of squares arranged in every possible shade. A good selection of fabric by the yard too. INFO: Closed Sun; 1034 S.W. Taylor St.; 503/224-0320.

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