Frontier Christmas

Ride a sleigh and share a treat at Denver's oldest home

A red stagecoach drawn by draft horses rumbles past a snowy meadow on its way to a Victorian home adorned in swags and garlands. It's not quite Currier & Ives, but December scenes at Denver's Four Mile Historic Park do evoke the spirit of the frontier holidays.

Denver's oldest home ― Four Mile House, a stagecoach stop dating to 1859 ― is now a museum and is the heart of the 12-acre park, which also has barns, a blacksmith shop, and livestock. Visit on December 4 or 11 and you can join the Colorado Christmas celebration (10-4; $6, $4 students and seniors ages 65 and over). Take a tour ($2; $1 ages 6-15) of the house, which is decorated for the holidays. Then enjoy a sugarplum, listen to carolers, or take a ride on the stagecoach ― or, if there's snow, a sleigh ($2, $1 ages 12 and under). ― Lora J. Finnegan

Winter fun

Four Mile Historic Park offers museum tours year-round (call for hours; 715 S. Forest St., Denver; or 303/399-1859).

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