CANYONVILLE, OR Society members mark the January 25 birthday of Scotland's favorite son with music from bagpipes and Celtic harps. Call well ahead for tickets. Jan 22; $30. Seven Feathers Convention Center, exit 99 off I-5; 541/839-1111 ext. 1334.

Douglas County Scottish Society.

FIFE, WA A Nicht wi' Rabbie Burns features entertainment by the group's own pipers, drummers, and dancers along with a dinner of haggis, roast beef, and salmon. Jan 22; $30, reservations required. St. Martin of Tours Parish, 2303 54th Ave. E.; or 253/761-1397.

The Tacoma Scots.

PORTLAND The brewery will bring in the haggis and serve a feast of Scottish fare with its own Scottish-style ales to wash it all down. Jan 25; $125, reservations required. 2730 N.W. 31st Ave.; or 503/228-5269.

Portland Brewing Company.

SEATTLE The society has marked Burns's birthday since 1902 with Scottish music, dance, and, yes, haggis. Buy tickets two weeks ahead. Jan 29; $40. 300 Third Ave. W.; or 206/784-5943.

The Caledonian & St. Andrew's Society of Seattle.

WELCHES, OR The Scottish-themed golf resort's three-hour paean to Burns includes a whiskey tasting, music and dancing, and poetry recitations. Jan 29; call for price, reservations required. 68010 E. Fairway Ave.; or 503/622-3101. --B.H.


The Resort at the Mountain.


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