Enjoy a country meal in Colville, Washington

Visit the remote reaches of the Northwest for a restaurant that's worth the drive

Linda Hagen Miller

On a soft summer evening, my friend and I are lounging on the white wooden veranda of Lovitt Restaurant, overlooking Colville Valley-a patchwork of farms as far as we can see.

We've driven 65 miles from Spokane to the remote reaches of northeast Washington for nothing more than a good meal.

A full-on feast, actually, at the much talked-about Lovitt, a 1908 farmhouse turned contemporary farm-to-table restaurant that seems somewhat out of step in this low-key logging town of 5,000, where prime rib and pizza have always reigned supreme.

Although Colville boasts a fine museum, the shaded trails of Colville National Forest, paddling on Lake Roosevelt, and breathtaking mountain scenery, it's never been a popular tourist destination, much less touted as a culinary hot spot-but that's all changing.


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