CEO of yoga comfort

The founder of Vancouver, B.C.-based Lululemon aims to outfit yogis all over

In 1998, Lululemon's first store opened in Vancouver, B.C.'s Kitsilano neighborhood, which Wilson considers "the health and athletic center of the world" ― it's home to more than 20 athletic stores on Fourth Avenue alone. Now he runs 35 stores worldwide, but to him, the Kitsilano store still represents the heart and soul of Lululemon.

In summer, well-known instructor Eoin Finn teaches power-yoga classes at the Showboat, a theater stage at Kits Beach, and now one of Vancouver's "in" places to work out. For Wilson, it's like therapy. "The ocean and the wind are so fresh, and the view from Kits Beach is unrivaled worldwide. It feels like I'm on vacation all the time."

Relaxed as he may be, though, he always has his eyes on the prize. "We want to be the clothing of choice for athletes participating in the 2010 Olympics that'll be in Vancouver."

At the rate Wilson's going, that's not a far-fetched goal.

Info: Lululemon Kitsilano (2113 W. Fourth Ave., Vancouver, B.C.; 604/ 732-6111). Visit for more store locations.

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