Bask in river views in Washington's Cave B Inn

Catch a concert, go for a dip, and enjoy wines at new Columbia River retreat

It's easy to think grand thoughts when you're perched high above the Columbia River, surrounded by views of sky, canyon walls, and vineyards ringed by sagebrush.

That's exactly what Vince and Carol Bryan, owners of Cave B Inn at SageCliffe, intended.

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Floor-to-ceiling windows with French doors and private terraces invite you to bask in the eastern Washington climate ― even in June, it's warm enough that you'll hardly need a towel after a plunge in the natural basalt swimming hole.

Go for a dip, drink wine (the on-site winery produces fantastic Bordeaux-style reds), catch a concert at the adjacent Gorge at George, and drift off to grand dreams. From $250; 888/785-2283.

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