Art and mansions

Explore a timeless neighborhood in Spokane

Great art and architecture converge at the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture (the MAC), set in Browne's Addition, one of Spokane's prettiest, most historic neighborhoods. Running through May 15, An Impressionist Eye features works by Degas, Monet, Pissarro, and Renoir.

The neighborhood itself is museum-quality, thanks to its wealth of historic mansions―many of them built with mining and real-estate fortunes during the late 1890s. Pick up Historic Browne's Addition Neighborhood ($1) at the museum store to guide your exploration of the 30-room Campbell House and more than 30 other homes.

End the day at the 1891 Queen Anne-style Fotheringham House B&B. And try breakfast or lunch at the Cannon St. Grill.

Browne's Addition

The MAC (closed Mon; $7; or 509/456-3931); Cannon St. Grill ($; closed Mon; 509/456-8660); Fotheringham House B&B (from $95; or 509/838-1891)

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