Mountain bike schools

Some of the West's best places to learn to ride

Here are some of the West's best schools.

ASPEN, CO. Timberline Mountain Bike School. Beginner to advanced classes. Jun-Sep. From $150 per half-day for two people. (800) 842-2453 or

FAIRFAX, CA. Women's Mountain Bike & Tea Society (WOMBATS). One-day skills clinics led by former national champion mountain-biker Jacquie Phelan. From $100 a day. (415) 459-0980 or

MOAB, UT. Dreamride. From $595 for a three-day vacation package including a one-day skills clinic (lodging not included). 59 E. Center St.; (435) 259-6419 or

SEATTLE. Singletrack Ranch. Multiday skills clinics taught by ultramarathon mountain-bike racer John Stamstad. From $925 for three days (lodging included). (888) 310-1212 or

WEST REDDING, CT. Dirt Camp. One-day and multiday classes. Through mid-Oct. From $90 a day. (800) 711-3478 or

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