Tsunami Dogs

Berkeley, California
You’ve heard of Korean tacos, of course, and “gourmet” hot dog shacks are nothing new. But have you had a bonito dog? A Sriracha dog? A kimchi dog? If you’d like to shake up your all-beef frank (Polish, hot links, Italian chicken sausage, and vegan “dogs” are also available), make for this former parking lot shack in downtown Berkeley. According to the owners of Tsunami Dogs, the most popular of their seven franks is the kimchi and Korean barbecue-sauce dog. The Bonito Dog is more of an acquired taste: Though wasabi balances out the dried bonito shavings, even a hint of fish, at least when it comes to hot dogs, can be something shocking. But these days, really, anything goes.
Last Reviewed
April 2014


2109 Milvia St.
Berkeley, CA