The Fizzary

San Francisco, California

Touching a nerve deep in the hipster limbic system, The Fizzary sells almost 100 kinds of bottled sodas from all over the world. (Beards and trucker hats are, as you might guess, standard accessories in the Mission Street store.) The sodas are shelved by flavor family, starting with fruit (berry, cherry, orange, and grape), then the root variations (sarsaparilla, birch beer, root beer), the gingers (ale and beer), and the colas. Finally, there are flavors owners Taylor Peck and Aaron Dolson deem “uncategorizable.” That’s where you’ll find such mysteries as Waialua Kona Red and Avery’s Swamp Juice. If you can’t wait to drink your discovery, put it in the barrel-shaped bottle chiller for five minutes while you browse the penny candy selection.

Last Reviewed
October 2013


2949 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA