Everyday California

La Jolla, California
Bright orange Garibaldi fish, leopard sharks, dolphins, giant sea turtles, sea lions, and seven sea caves to explore―it's not Kauai, it's La Jolla’s Ecological Preserve. The caves are just a half-mile from shore via kayak, and Everyday California (formerly OEX Dive & Kayak) offers 1½-hour tours that include guided trips inside the Clam―at high tide, you can go all the way through. About those silhouettes gliding underneath the boats: Hundreds (sometimes even thousands) of leopard sharks swim below the kayaks, most abundantly in summer. We’re glad that leopard sharks have small teeth (they use suction to eat). For the daring, snorkeling is another option.
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February 2012


2243 Avenida de la Playa
La Jolla, CA