Nicasio, California
Nothing ever seems to change in the village of Nicasio, that strange little jog in the road midway between regular old Marin and the wilds of West Marin. The baseball diamond. The sleepy convenience store. The signs that ask passing cyclists to be quieter. But now, something new. Recently, a mother-and-daughter team converted the storage barn in their front yard into Nutmeg, a shop filled with a homey yet stylish mix of estate-sale furniture and objets d’art, Marin-casual clothing, and ultra-local accessories. Scrap-wood birdhouses, for instance, made in back of the shop. Cutting boards from Nicasio Woodworks just down the road. Organic parsley soap from Cow Track Ranch, which is located in—wait for it—Nicasio. Why call the shop Nutmeg? “We wanted something earthy and cheerful that makes people feel good,” says JoAnne Sollecito. “Besides,” adds her daughter, Ruby Hackney, “Mom puts it in everything—even her coffee!”
Last Reviewed
April 2014


4501 Nicasio Valley Rd.
Nicasio, CA