Seattle, Washington
When Ellie and Mike Kemery (an entrepreneur and industrial designer, respectively) moved to Seattle in 2007, they were surprised that a city so known for its DIY spirit had no hub for handy home-builder types. To fill the void, the pair opened Makerhaus, a 10,000-square-foot workshop with a fleet of high-tech tools to make even the geekiest giddy: 3-D printers, a laser cutter, and woodworking equipment, plus intro classes to put novices at ease. The pair also tap industry pros to teach classes on marketing, product design, and how to craft a business plan, in order to help creatives from furniture designers to robot programmers get their ideas off the ground. Too often designers get “siloed in their own professions,” says Ellie, but now they have a place to mingle and exchange ideas.
Last Reviewed
May 2013


122 N.W. 36th St.
Seattle, WA