Make Do Mend

Seattle, Washington

"My husband calls it the fabric speakeasy,” says owner Keli Faw of Make Do Mend, her drop-in sewing and crafting studio. Wedged behind a tiny coffee shop on Ballard Avenue, the low-profile studio (to reach it, you sidle past latte-sipping 20-somethings and walk a long hallway lit by twinkle lights) is an offshoot of Drygoods Design, Faw’s fabric store. A far cry from the fusty crafting shops of yore, Drygoods has become a magnet for Seattle DIYers on the hunt for modern textiles, but Faw felt Ballard was still missing a gathering place for those who love to sew. So she opened Make Do Mend, where people can rent sewing machines by the hour, get help on a project, or take a class in basic sewing or making infinity scarves. Stop by on a Tuesday night and you might find people chatting while they cut fabric or stitch up a dress at one of the 12 machines—sometimes even with a glass of wine in hand.

Last Reviewed
May 2015


301 Occidental Ave S.
Seattle, WA