Kronner Burger

San Francisco, California
“Burger joint” doesn’t quite do justice to Chris Kronner’s shabby-chic Kronner Burger, which was born as a pop-up and has grown to fill the over-flow space at Bruno’s, the landmark Mission District supper club. Yes, ground beef on a bun is the signature dish. But these are patties of princely standing, grass-fed and topped with cheddar mayo, house dill pickles, and roasted onions, with an optional side of bone marrow that is actually a must. Other menu items are of equal pedigree, from a cooling iceberg wedge, garnished with pork belly and blue-cheese dressing, to a mountain of fries, buried in cheese curds and beef-cheek gravy. Burger joint? More like comfort kitchen, elevated by a serious chef.
Last Reviewed
October 2013


2379 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA