Bodega Marine Laboratory

Bodega Bay, California

Water covers roughly two-thirds of our planet but occupies too small a fraction of our thoughts. So says Jeffrey Zankel, who works to raise awareness of the oceans as a docent at Bodega Marine Laboratory, where UC Davis scientists study everything from abalone parasites to the “singing” of the California midshipman fish, a vocal creature whose crooning can be heard just off the coast. On Fridays, when the lab opens its doors to the public, Zankel and his colleagues lead tours of the facility, highlighted by a stop at an outdoor mesocosm—a manmade tidepool brimming with ocher seastars, purple sea urchins, and other native species.

Last Reviewed
December 2015


2099 Westside Rd.
Bodega Bay, CA




Tours 2 p.m. Fridays