A16 Rockridge

Oakland, California

A16 has been packing them in at its Marina restaurant since it launched in 2004. So when the owners decided to open an East Bay spinoff in spring 2013, we expected more of the same: Neapolitan pizza and pasta. Nope. A16 Rockridge focuses on the cuisine of Puglia, known more for its seafood and fried fare. It’s a clever way to avoid the same-old pitfalls of expansion--tweak the menu enough to keep things interesting, but deliver what A16 regulars have come to expect: excellent service, a great wine list, and a comfortable place to see and be seen. Tastiest tweaks include an anchovy-and-geoduck crudo, baccalà meatballs, and a fried pizza with smoked tomato sauce and burrata cheese--definitely not your run-of-the-mill Margherita.

Last Reviewed
October 2015


5356 College Ave.
Oakland, CA