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Puerto Vallarta for less

Puerto Vallarta is 1,200 miles south of Los Angeles on the Pacific Ocean. Prices are listed in U.S. dollars; visit for conversion rates to the Mexican peso. Use the international prefix 011-52 when dialing from the U.S., except with 800 numbers. For area information, contact the Mexico Tourism Board ( or 800/446-3942). Two other websites, and, are helpful.


Hotel Rosita. From $49. 901 Paseo Díaz Ordaz; or 322/223-2000.

Molino de Agua Hotel. From $78. 130 Ignacio L. Vallarta; or 322/222-1957.

Playa Los Arcos Worldclass Beach Resort. From $67. 380 Olas Altas; or 800/648-2403.


Café Catedral. $; closed Sun. 315 Basilio Badillo; 322/223-0318.

Cuates y Cuetes. $$. 101 Francisca Rodriguez (at Los Muertos Beach); 322/223-2724.

Daiquiri Dick's. $$; closed Tue. 314 Olas Altas; 322/222-0566.

Domingo's. On the beach in Yelapa.

Esquina de los Caprichos. $. 402 Esquina Miramar; 322/294-8319.

Mariscos Polo. $. 376-B Francisco I. Madero; 322/113-0364.

Restaurante Barcelona Tapas. $$. Calle Matamoros at Calle 31 de Octubre; 322/222-0510.

Activities and shops

Boat ride to Yelapa. Several boats depart daily; ask for a schedule at the pier. $8 one way. End of Calle Rodriguez.

Casa Kimberley. Closed Sun; About $9. 445 Calle Zaragoza; 322/222-1336.

Indigo. 241 Basilio Badillo; 322/223-0107.

Lucy's Cucû Cabaña & Zoo. Closed Sun. 295 Basilio Badillo; 322/222-1220.

Ponciana. 252-A Basilio Badillo; 322/222-2988.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. On Calle Hidalgo.

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