Offbeat Tours

Skip the crowds and change your perspective with these unusual city tours

Atlantis Submarine Tour: An underwater tour in a 48- or 64-passenger submarine explores artificial coral reefs off Diamond Head.
Highlights: Tropical fish in habitats created by the University of Hawaii's reef enhancement project.
Who knew? Sunken airplanes make great coral reefs. Daily; $60-$100. (808) 973-9811 or

Houseboat Tour From funky vintage cottages to floating family suburbia, see the houseboats of Lake Union from the deck of a comfy, quiet, electric motorboat.
Highlights: The Sleepless in Seattle houseboat.
Who knew? Houseboats can have basements. By appointment; $25. (206) 322-9157.

Coffeehouse Tour On Javawalk, outgoing local Elaine Sosa serves up the city's cafe culture and North Beach neighborhood history.
Highlights: Gleaming espresso machines for sale at Thomas E. Cara, Ltd. and cappuccino at Caffe Trieste.
Who knew? Both Folgers and Hills Bros Coffee boast S.F. roots. Sat mornings; $20. (415) 673-9255.

Gunslingers, Ghosts, and Gold Certified paranormal investigators wearing 1880s Western garb lead walking tours of the city's LoDo historic district.
Highlights: The circa-1933 bar at the Oxford Hotel ― legend has it that the first keg of Coors beer was tapped here.
Who knew? Ghosts haunt the tunnels beneath the capitol building. Daily; $15. (303) 860-8687.

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