Where to Stay & Dine in Hawai'i Volcanoes

Our favorite hotels and restaurants in and near the park



$ inexpensive under $100

$$ moderate $100-$175

$$$ expensive $175-$250

$$$$ splurge--$250 and up

Crater Rim Cabin. Lovely one-bedroom cabin in Volcano. $$; 2-night minimum; craterrimcabin.com

Kilauea Lodge. Rooms and cottages in a beautifully renovated YMCA camp from 1938. $$$; kilauealodge.com

Home rentals. A number of private homes and cabins are available to rent in Volcano. Rental agencies include Hawaii Volcano Vacations ($$; hawaiivolcanovacations.com); Volcano Places ($$$; volcanoplaces.com); and the Kilauea Hopitality Group ($$; volcanohawaii.com).


Kilauea Lodge. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner; fanciest dining option in the area. $$$; 19 3948 Old Volcano Rd., Volcano; 808/967-7366.

Lava Rock Cafe. Sandwiches and coffee. $$; 19 3972 Old Volcano Rd., Volcano; 808/967-8526.

Thai Thai. Yes, Thai—what else?—and very good. $$; 19 4084 Old Volcano Rd., Volcano; 808/967-7969.

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