From the archives

From 1956 cover story: Life with the aut

The text reads: "It's 5:37 on the Lake Washington Floating Bridge. Out from Seattle pours a flowing stream of homeward bound cars headed for the suburban communities of Mercer Island, Bellevue, Mendina, Kirkland, Lake Samamish, Issaquah.

At the same hour and minute in the San Francisco area, on the Waldo Grade, on the Broadway Tunnel Road, on El Camino, on the Eastshore Freeway - in the Los Angeles area on the old Arroyo Seco freeway and the new Hollywood freeway, on Ventura Boulevard and Foothill Boulevard and Sepulveda - the long lines are homeward bound.

What happens when all of our millions of cars reach home? What happens when they regroup and cluster later in the evening, for dinner parties, for teen-age parties, for swimming? Where do we park them, store them, shelter them, enter them, leave them?"

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