Culinary travel in the West

The very best destinations, trips, and dining experiences for foodies

Best foodie destinations

Go on a destination-by-destination tour of the West's best eateries and experiences for foodies

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Denver: Star wattage

The West's best food towns

Whose food scene reigns supreme? Check out the winners of our 4 regional food town smackdowns


Rev the senses

Top 10 Seattle dining spots

Discover top-notch seafood, coffee, and more culinary delights in this Northwestern foodie haven


Farm to foam

Taste the West: San Francisco

Our guide to the very best culinary experiences in this foodie paradise


Jam with the pros

Taste the West: Los Angeles

One city, 1,000 flavors. Our guide to L.A.’s brightest foodie stars


Four-wheeled fare

Taste the West: Portland

From food carts to microbrews, here are the super-stars of the Portland dining and drinking scene


Haute cuisine within reach

Top 10 Vegas restaurants & bars

Gone are the days of discount buffets dominating the Las Vegas culinary landscape. See how Sin City has become a foodie's paradise


Breakfast buzz

Top 10 places to eat in Santa Fe

Indulge in top-notch Southwestern fare and more in New Mexico's tastiest city


A dim sum empire

Top 10 places to dine & drink in Vancouver

Cross the border into B.C. for farm-fresh produce, trend-setting pie, and the best Chinese food this side of Shanghai


¡Yo quiero Mi Comida!

Top 10 places to dine & drink in Phoenix

A foodie desert no more, Arizona’s capital city sizzles with farm-to-table cuisine, craft cocktails, and hidden Southwest gems


Noodling around

Taste the West: Maui

From pineapple turnovers to sushi you'll never forget—this stretch of Maui has more great food per mile than any other in Hawaii


Frozen in time

Top 9 places to dine & drink in Napa Valley

Here are the best restaurants, wineries, and tasting rooms in California's famed wine region


Brews brothers

Taste the West: Sonoma County

Visit this laid-back land of vineyard-rich valleys, from Sonoma to Dry Creek to Alexander, for fresh, organic cuisine, a thriving farm community—and a distinctly non-Napa vibe


Cross the sudsy divide

Top 10 places to dine & drink in Denver

Killer dumplings, craft cocktails, and booze-filled ping pong—the Mile-High City’s foodie delights go way beyond the microbrew


Burrito wars

NorCal vs. SoCal burrito smackdown

Northern California vs. Southern California—plus secret recipes and readers’ favorites


Empire Seafood

Chinese feast in B.C.

For the best Chinese food this side of the Pacific, point your chopsticks toward Richmond, B.C.


Oregon white truffle

Oregon's truffle treasure

Chefs love them. Dogs dig them. But the greatest thing about Oregon truffles? They taste best right here at home


Taylor Shellfish oysters

The West's native oyster makes a comeback

The Olympia oyster has been absent for almost a century. But now it’s returning to our plates––and one taste will make you a believer



Dining out in L.A.'s Koreatown

For an authentic taste of the West's "it" cuisine, start your food adventure in L.A.'s Koreatown. Here’s where to go and what to try.


Santa Maria Elks Lodge

The West's best unsung BBQ town

In and around Santa Maria, CA, succulent oak-grilled barbecue is a way of life. So why isn't it better known?


San Francisco sourdough bread loaves

San Francisco's sourdough bread renaissance

The best bakers in the Bay Area are taking San Francisco’s signature bread in brave new directions



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