Yountville's new tune

Krisetn Loken
Napa's neighbor has a new concert hall and more great food

The small Wine Country town of Yountville plays first fiddle this spring with the reopening of the Lincoln Theater. The permanent home to the Napa Valley Symphony now sparkles with new facilities, an acoustically first-class main hall, and historic murals in the lobby.

Downtown, try the hanger steak or the tart buttermilk milkshake at the new Wine Garden Food & Wine Bar. If you want a sweet bite before a show, fall in love with the brioche and French macaroons at Bouchon Bakery. General manager Nicole Slaven recommends the carrot-walnut cookies with cream-cheese frosting. "I kid myself into having them for dinner," she says. "They have all four food groups, right?" ― ABIGAIL PETERSON

Treat yourself

Lincoln Theater (100 California Dr.; 707/944-1300); Wine Garden Food & Wine Bar ($$; 6476 Washington St.; or 707/945-1002); Bouchon Bakery (6528 Washington St.; 707/944-2253).

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