Studio cities

Meet the Valley's most interesting artists

The Left Bank, Montparnasse, Tarzana… Okay, as art scenes go, the sprawling San Fernando Valley isn't quite up for comparisons to Paris in the 1920s. Still, the Valley does shelter a number of acclaimed artists working in studios from Chatsworth to Sherman Oaks. This month the San Fernando Valley Arts Council makes it easier to discover the area's creative side with its Valley Artists Studio Tour, which opens 42 studios to the public. Included on the tour are Susan Manders of Sherman Oaks, who was selected as an official U.S. artist for the 2004 Olympics, and sculptor Mario Jason, who designs bronzes of dancers and also directs the casting process. Stuart Abelman specializes in art glass, while Toni Scott's works range from sculpture and painting to digital design. It's a range as big and diverse as the Valley itself. ―M.J.

INFO: Valley Artists Studio Tour, San Fernando Valley Arts Council (Oct 1-2; $25; or 818/572-3150)

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