Canine Calm

Pampered pets can now experience the same healthy relaxation their owners do, in the hands of doggie massage therapists.

In Washington, Michele Lang combines canine massage with hydrotherapy at the SplashDog Spa in Edmonds (from $45; or 206/546-5309). And if you want to learn how to do it yourself, the Northwest School of Animal Massage in Redmond, Washington ( or 425/836-3703) and the Lang Institute for Canine Massage in Loveland, Colorado ( or 877/669-3929), offer classes.

But tails wag most for LA Dogworks (from $35; or 323/461-5151), a new upscale doggie spa in Hollywood that offers Thai and Reiki massage. Owner Andrew Rosenthal, who regularly practices on his own three greyhounds, says, "At first people said it's a silly L.A. thing. But dogs come in limping and walk out straight. People are beginning to realize that this is a valid way to treat a dog."

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