Southern California car museums

Five great places to view vintage autos


Petersen Automotive Museum. Turning 10 this year, the Petersen is the Corvette of car museums: flashy and powerful. This month, see ooh-la-la-inducing French Curves: The Automobile as Sculpture. Closed Mon; $10. 6060 Wilshire Blvd.; or 323/930-2277.


Vintage Museum of Transportation & Wildlife. Otis Chandler's collection of antique cars and big-game trophies has open houses a few times a year; the next one is August 21. $7, under age 10 not admitted. 1421 Emerson Ave.; or 805/486-5929.


Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum. If it goes fast, odds are good it's on view at the National Hot Rod Association's temple to speed. 10-5 Wed-Sun; $5. 1101 W. McKinley Ave., building 3A, Pomona Fairplex; or 909/622-2133.


Nethercutt Collection. In a gallery that resembles an ornate auto showroom stand 50 years' worth of cars, from 1890s horseless carriages to a 1937 Cadillac. 9-4:30 Tue-Sat; free. 15200 Bledsoe St.; or 818/367-2251.


Murphy Auto Museum. Says Dan Murphy, who launched the vintage-auto museum in 2002, "We emphasize cars a family might own." 10-3 Sat, 11-3 Sun, Apr-Oct; $6. 2340 Palma Dr.; or 805/654-0731. - Barbara Tannenbaum

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