Explore Santa Monica's greenest street

Andrea Gomez
Explore Santa Monica's greenest street
Shop for natural clothes, try some healthy eats, and shop for green goods on Santa Monica's Main Street

Why go in winter: Fulfill your New Year’s resolutions for a healthy body and planet.

The green scene’s main drag: Main St., between Wadsworth Ave. and Pacific St.

Dress code: Hard Tail yoga clothes, surf shorts, organic cotton and hemp sundresses, flip-flops.

Ride code: Bikes, hybrid cars, and BMWs converted to run on vegetable oil.

City bragging rights: Ninth greenest in the United States.

Most sustainable spot in town: Santa Monica Main Street Community Gardens (2200 Main St.; 310/458-8300).

Number of garden plots: 68

Best brew: Organic Spirit Mint tea at Urth Caffé ($; 2327 Main St.; 310/314-7040).

Number of parks in town: 26

Where to pick up a Buddha: Thai Teak Furniture (2400 Main St.; 310/581-4255).

Get a free green-design consult:  Green Building Resource Center (call for hours; 2218 Main St.).

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