Plan a trip to Sonoma wine country

Of all California’s wine regions, Sonoma may be the easiest to fall in love with. Visit this laid-back land of vineyard-rich valleys, from Sonoma to Dry Creek to Alexander, with the Russian River thrown in

Russian River Valley travel planner

It’s been summer vacation capital for generations of San Franciscans. Now it also produces deliciously drinkable Pinot Noir and Chardonnay

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Russian River Valley restaurants

The best restaurants here make use of local fruits and vegetables. And don’t forget the ice cream


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Russian River Valley activity listings

Canoe, kayak, swim, get a Zen facial and buy farm fresh produce


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Russian River Valley wineries

Winding riverside roads lead to great stops for Pinot Noir


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Russian River Valley hotels

Rustic luxury marks the best of the region’s inns



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